Made-in-Japan plates developed to optimally fit to Japanese bone anatomy

Innocent plates are made from pure titanium and anatomically fit to the medial and lateral sides of proximal and distal ends of the tibia
The best fit can be achieved with using exclusively designed low profile Innocent screws.

Innocent Screw (Cannulated Cancerous Screw)

Innocent screws have a low-profile and soft tissue-friendly design.
They are made from titanium alloy to secure sufficient strength.
Threads with sharp ridges and deep grooves provide the outstanding performance of secure fixation and compression.
Two types of fully threaded and 16mm threaded screws are available.

Fully threaded screw
16mm threaded screw

Smooth transition between the screw and the plate with minimum screw head height

These can be used widely for various applications.

Its simpler system line-up allows the serving of various needs in CHS internal fixation.

Accommodating the patient's bone geometry