Recently, the number of patients with orthopaedic diseases including bone tumors as well as elderly people with osteoporosis suffering from fragile fractures has been increasing. Nearly 70,000 patients undergo surgery with artificial joint implantation. Now more than 80% of artificial joints used in those surgeries are imported and thus bear some inconveniences including challenging intraoperative shaping due to the different bone geometry of Japanese from that of western people. Therefore, we developed plates categorized by size and following the curve, angle and diameter of bone to accommodate the different bone geometry among individuals. We received both US and Japanese patents for these our proprietary products.

The plate can be adjusted flexibly to fit to femoral neck-shaft and antetorsion angles.The spherical eccentric washer provide the versatility to use the plate in wider application for the neck-shaft angle between 130and 150and the antetorsion angle up to 10

The saw-edged screw allows smooth insertion and removal.
(Registered utility model)
(Filed for a patent application)