I founded Horiuchi Medical Engineering Co., Ltd. in 1962 and, as a manufacturer of surgical instruments, cooperated with the Jikei University School of Medicine on the development of bone fixation devices. At that time, fixation devices were made from acrylic and subjected to oppositions that included criticism from academic societies for implanting such devices into the human body. Accordingly, domestic projects and business were forced to be abandoned, whereas the oversea market of bone fixation devices continued to grow. Meanwhile, what was left for us was only to look upon our frustration.

From 1980fs, after I joined a foreign medical device manufacturer, I engaged in the manufacturing of metal devices for bone fixation but was never allowed to develop any products domestically. With my vision, gproducts that fit better for Japanese people should be developedh, I took advantage of retirement at the age limit to establish Hollyx Co., Ltd. Now I am pursuing my long-awaited dream; day and night, I am on a quest for ethe highest quality that wins confidencef with the hope of creating metal fixation devices other than those for femurs while promoting the use of domestic products.
With the progressively aging society, as well as increasing cases of bone tumors year after year, there should be a continuous boost and increase in demand for artificial joints. Deteriorating old devices surgically implanted into the bodies may also be expected. We have been striving and will strive to improve the QOL (quality of life) of patients together with doctors working in the forefront of medical care.
Recovering a joyful and meaningful life for as many patients as possible is my dream.

President/CEO Kikuji Horiuchi